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RFI Fencing provides the full range of services required to secure a construction site, from hoarding to site gating and the protection of trees on-site. As Surrey’s leading fencing company, we will undertake a site visit with you and use our expertise to quickly assess what is required to secure and protect your site and equipment. This could include the design and installation of either timber or steel gating and durable hoarding built and finished to your specification.


Site Hoarding and Fencing

RFI Fencing can provide durable, secure hoarding for sealing off your work or construction site. We supply and install all types of site hoardings; for projects large or small, we can provide any amount of hoarding to best suit your site as efficiently as possible.

Site Boundary Fencing

Fencing surrounding your construction sites is key to keeping them secure. This helps protect both your crew and your work. Closeboard panel fencing, all types of panel fencing whether installed with concrete or timber posts, are just some of the options for boundary fencing. For a more flexible solution, chain link fencing is more subtle than and can be added around existing boundaries. 

RFI Fencing can also provide temporary fencing solutions for short-term projects; these are cost-effective, low maintenance, and environmentally-friendly. Our temporary fencing range – made from steel panels, are easy to erect but are anti-climb and can help secure your side or support crowd control. 

Tree Protection Fencing

On-site tree protection is a legal requirement for trees to have the correct protection during adjacent building or renovation work. It is required that during demolition and construction work trees are safely protected with full metal scaffolds to avoid any physical damage to the bark or branches, and that ground protection is used to avoid root poisoning and changes in soil levels. 

RFI Fencing understands the importance of protecting trees from damage or contamination and utilises our 40 years’ experience of working in the trade to quickly install effective tree protection solutions during construction work, around any size of site.

Bat Houses

As most property developers are aware, The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (WCA) protects bats and their roosts in England, Scotland and Wales. Consideration of these protected species is important and many local planning authorities will require bat surveys as a condition of planning approval. Whilst we cannot provide any assistance in bat surveys, in instances where bat houses are required as part of site setup for development, RFI can create bespoke bat houses to fulfil this requirement. 


Security Fencing
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