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Panel fencing is a popular solution for residential properties or commercial projects looking for a long-lasting and durable perimeter fence. Using timber or concrete posts in installation, lap panels – pre-formed overlapping horizontal boards within a frame - can be installed quickly in gardens, providing a cost-effective fence for homeowners who want to make their space more private. These are the panels many will associate with fencing for a classic British garden.

If you have an existing fence that you would like repaired, we would be happy to investigate the problem and together determine the best solution. For more information, please see what we offer for repairs and renewals.


RFI Fencing has been established in Surrey and the home counties for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of each and every fencing and landscaping project we undertake. Each project is designed to meet your own bespoke specification and is discussed with you in detail beforehand to ensure you receive the aesthetic and functional results you are looking for. What is why 90% of our work comes from previous and existing customer recommendations.

What size is a lap panel?

The standard width of a lap fence panel is 6ft, so commonly sizes of fence panels available are 6ft wide x 6ft high, though other sizes are available.

What colours are lap panels available in?
The timber for a lap panel fence panel is pressure treated for weather durability and is typically in a brown stain. However, there are many different colours of wood stain available which could be applied, and we would be pleased to discuss options with you.


Why does my fence need to be treated?

Timber is treated to increase its durability and longevity. Timber treatments aid resistance against decay, pests, weather, fire, or general day to day use. The exact type of treatment will vary according to purpose, but timber used for fencing will need a pressure treatment coating to protect against weathering. 


Can I add a trellis to the top of a panel fence?
Yes, timber trellis panels can be added. We would be pleased to discuss options with you. 

How long will a lap panel fence last?
Lap panel fences are excellent low maintenance choices for your fencing. There are heavier duty panel options available for additional weather durability, and there are installation options to help fencing withstand high winds. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements and make appropriate recommendations. 


Will a lap panel fence secure my property?
Lap panel fences can be built to a variety of heights and their design makes them difficult to climb. As such they are a cost-effective option for security fencing. Closeboard fencing is a more robust and long-lasting solution where security is a primary concern. 


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