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Whether you are looking to secure your property to keep pets in, or for peace of mind to keep strangers out – RFI Fencing can offer a wide range of solutions. There are numerous types of fencing that can be used for the purposes of security. 

Chain link fencing is one of many options, but provides a secure, flexible and cost-effective solution for animal proofing. Strong, rust-resistant galvanized or coated steel wire is interwoven into a zig-zag pattern, forming a diamond pattern. Being transparent this style of fencing does not obstruct light into the garden and its construction method means it can be installed on any site and at a variety of different heights. 

We can also add additional features to existing fences and gates to increase the security of a property. It is usually best to discuss each project on an individual basis so that we can ensure we provide solutions to your security fencing needs.

If you have an existing fence that you would like repaired, we would be happy to investigate the problem and together determine the best solution. For more information, please see what we offer for repairs and renewals.


RFI Fencing has been established in Surrey and the home counties for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of each and every fencing and landscaping project we undertake. Each project is designed to meet your own bespoke specification and is discussed with you in detail beforehand to ensure you receive the aesthetic and functional results you are looking for. What is why 90% of our work comes from previous and existing customer recommendations.


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