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Over time older wooden fences may have worn with age, may have rotten or broken timbers, been damaged by tree roots or storm damage, or may have blown over in particularly high winds. Fencing or chain-work may unfortunately have been damaged by vandalism or a break-in. 


High quality fencing provides privacy and security, allowing you to protect your commercial space or enjoy your garden in peace without being seen or worrying about children or animals leaving your outdoor area. As a physical barrier good quality fencing also provides additional security at night. 


Whatever the issue we can quickly attend and establish your options – be that a repair of timbers, chain-work or fixing posts, replacing panels and gates, or a full replacement fencing solution.


RFI Fencing has been established in Surrey and the home counties for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of each and every fencing and landscaping project we undertake. Each project is designed to meet your own bespoke specification and is discussed with you in detail beforehand to ensure you receive the aesthetic and functional results you are looking for. What is why 90% of our work comes from previous and existing customer recommendations.


Should I replace with a like-for-like style of fence?

This is your personal choice. There are many different fence styles available, all with different attributes. Depending on whether you are concerned more with security, aesthetics, durability, or the most economical solution, we can advise you on the best approach for you.


Do I need to replace the whole fence if only part is damaged?

This really depends on the extent of the damage and the work needed to rectify it. Individual posts and panels are often easy to replace in isolation, but it if over half of your fence is needing attention, it may be more cost effective to replace it all. This also has the benefit of ensuring that all your fencing has its fixings installed and treatment applied at the same time, meaning it will all wear at the same rate. 

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