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When security is a concern high quality fencing and gating solutions are essential. Solutions are available to provide peace-of-mind that you are safe when inside your property and that it is protected when you leave. 


RFI Fencing works closely with our customers to understand their requirements, and then having reviewed the property develops a tailored proposal for securing it effectively. This would include specifying the appropriately hard-wearing and robust materials, the right style of fencing or barriers, gating (to include, for example, heavy duty bracing), the right height to ensure fencing or hoarding cannot be scaled, and the correct fixtures and fittings such as Polypropylene Prikka Strips along the tops of fences for added security. 


Built to deter crime and vandalism, RFI Fencing security fencing solutions are constructed to be virtually impossible to climb, highly durable and rigid, and resilient to damage and weathering. 


Metal palisade fencing is extremely robust, installed using a range of high-quality parts and fixings and with the expertise essential to ensure it cannot be penetrated. Different styles of head type can be used on posts depending on security and aesthetic requirements, and various colours are available to suit the surroundings. 


Palisade pales are also straightforward to replace in the event of crime or damage, making this a cost-effective solution commonly used to protect industrial sites, schools, sports stadiums, airports and commercial buildings throughout the UK.


Chain-link fencing is also suitable for use as permanent security fencing, with a height that deters climbing and fence spikes and anti-vandal scaling barriers added to offer additional security. Barbed wire and tape can also be added to the top of fences.


Whether residential or commercial, RFI Fencing can help you protect your property.


RFI Fencing has been established in Surrey and the home counties for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of each and every fencing and landscaping project we undertake. Each project is designed to meet your own bespoke specification and is discussed with you in detail beforehand to ensure you receive the aesthetic and functional results you are looking for. What is why 90% of our work comes from previous and existing customer recommendations.


Security Fencing
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