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Perimeter fencing and gating for Equestrian areas should be considered carefully and requires specialist knowledge in the design and construction stages to ensure the horse’s safety and well-being.


Our Equine fencing around riding areas is typically post and rail fencing built with pressure treated timber, designed with a top rail almost flush with the top of the posts and a further two rails spaced evenly below. More robust fencing could be introduced for Stud areas, and throughout an optional kick board could be added at ground level. In particularly windy sites a solid closeboard fence could be used to withstand high winds and protect the rider, horses, and riding surface. We would also recommend a gate in the fence line with a horse-safe latch allowing the gate to open both ways.


Our fencing would perfectly suit gallop and exercise tracks, dressage arenas, polo arenas, and manages (horse training areas).

If you have an existing fence that you would like repaired, we would be happy to investigate the problem and together determine the best solution. For more information, please see what we offer for repairs and renewals.


RFI Fencing has been established in Surrey and the home counties for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of each and every fencing and landscaping project we undertake. Each project is designed to meet your own bespoke specification and is discussed with you in detail beforehand to ensure you receive the aesthetic and functional results you are looking for. What is why 90% of our work comes from previous and existing customer recommendations.


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